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Long after bullets stop flying and soldiers return home, the deadly remains of wars linger in the soil as landmines and dangerous explosives. Men, women, and children living in war-torn countries cannot farm their land, walk to school, or play in playgrounds due to fear of these hidden killers. By sniffing out the explosive odors in landmines, the Marshall Legacy Institute's Mine Detection Dogs are able to save thousands of lives and limbs by returning the land back to the people for its safe and productive use. MLI has provided more than 250 of these hero canines to countries in need and we are on a mission to fundraise one more. By helping us sponsor a Mine Detection Dog, you will be creating a lifesaving impact to the people living in countries such as Bosnia, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen. Thank you for supporting our efforts for a mine free world! This campaign is led by schools in Connecticut - please join a school to support its goal and the school that raises the most money by the time we reach our goal, gets to name the dog! We are thrilled to announce that we reached our goal to sponsor the 17th Mine Detection Dog in 2020. Please join us in raising funds for MDD number 18 to save even more lives and limbs.

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